Is the Rimowa Carry-On Worth It? A Comprehensive Review and Analysis of Luxury Luggage

Is the Rimowa Carry-On Worth It


Regarding luxury luggage, the Rimowa Original Cabin Carry-On stands out with its eye-catching grooved aluminium body and a price tag that might make you double-take. At approximately $1,400, this carry-on begs the question: is it worth the investment? This article will meticulously sift through the details, from the suitcase’s construction and features to its performance and durability. This comprehensive review aims to give you an informed perspective on whether this high-end luggage justifies its cost. We will delve into what sets the Rimowa apart from less expensive options and whether its lifetime guarantee and the promise of enduring quality are enough to warrant the splurge for your travel needs.

Features and Design of the Rimowa Carry-On

The Rimowa Carry-On collection offers a symphony of style and functionality, with options like the Original Cabin and Classic Cabin, each with its own distinct flair. The Original Cabin is a nod to Rimowa’s historic design, featuring the iconic grooved aluminium exterior that is both eye-catching and engineered for durability. On the other hand, the Classic Cabin carries a touch of nostalgia with its slightly larger dimensions and elegant leather handles.

Constructed from high-end anodised aluminium, these carry-ons balance robust resilience and featherlight convenience. The material choice contributes to the luggage’s longevity and impacts its weight, making it a reliable companion for the savvy traveller. Rimowa’s design prowess extends to practical features such as the telescopic handle and ball-bearing wheels, which ensure smooth manoeuvrability through bustling airport terminals. With additional amenities like flex dividers and compartments sized to accommodate a laptop up to 16 inches, the Rimowa Carry-On series stands as a paragon of luxury luggage.

Durability and Functionality

The Rimowa Original Cabin Carry-On is a paragon of durability, with its grooved aluminium body and rivet-reinforced corners standing testament to German engineering and meticulous design. Unlike its polycarbonate cousins, this suitcase is built to withstand the rigours of travel without succumbing to cracks, although it may collect its share of dents and dings as travel trophies. The lifetime guarantee from Rimowa underlines the brand’s confidence in the product’s longevity.

Functionality-wise, the Rimowa Carry-On doesn’t skimp on features. Its interior dividers and approximately 34.8 L capacity cater to efficient packing, while the ball-bearing mounted wheels promise smooth manoeuvrability. However, it’s not without its faults. The plastic handles may disappoint those expecting uniform quality, and the telescopic handle feels less sturdy compared to the robustness of the suitcase itself.

Regarding packing space and organization, the lack of a zippered compartment may prove inconvenient for travellers who prefer separate sections. Furthermore, the absence of a wheel-locking feature, as noted in the review by Frequent Miler, could be a drawback for those in transit. Despite these limitations, the Rimowa Original Cabin Carry-On remains a strong contender in the luxury luggage market.

Personal Experience with the Rimowa Carry-On

Meet Nick, a globetrotting aficionado who has been wheeling the Rimowa Carry-On across continents for nearly a decade. His journeys, covering countless miles and numerous road trips, have put this piece of luxury luggage to the test. Nick’s testimony gives us a glance into this suitcase’s real-world durability and functionality. From bustling airports in North America to the quaint cobblestones of Europe, Nick recounts instances where his Rimowa has withstood the rigours of travel – enduring dents, dings, and occasional scuffs, yet emerging with nothing more than tales of survival and reliability.

When asked about the suitcase’s packing space and organizational prowess, Nick lauds its capacity to securely harbour everything from clothes and shoes to toiletries and travel gear. He appreciates the seamless glide of the ball-bearing wheels and the sturdy telescopic handle, offering him an undeniable advantage while navigating through jam-packed terminals and narrow train corridors. Despite its encounters with the harsh realities of abuse and misuse, Nick’s Rimowa has only needed minimal care and has yet to show any cracks in its armour.

Nick’s experiences lean towards a positive verdict in the ring of value for money. While he acknowledges the investment was steep, the suitcase’s steadfast companionship over the years suggests a worthwhile purchase. However, he notes that this may not hold the same weight for every traveller; the decision ultimately hinges on individual needs and usage patterns. Nick’s narrative paints the Rimowa Carry-On as a piece of luggage and a trusted companion for life’s many passages.

Value for Money

The price can induce a sharp intake of breath when it comes to shelling out a hefty $1400 for the Rimowa Carry-On. However, before you clutch your credit cards closer, dissecting what this luxury luggage offers is crucial. Unlike a run-of-the-mill suitcase that may succumb to wear and tear after a few jaunts, Rimowa promises a fusion of high-quality materials and German engineering. This isn’t just a bag; it’s a portable fortress for your belongings.

  • Consider the five-year warranty, a testament to the confidence Rimowa has in its products’ longevity.
  • The potential annual savings from not replacing cheaper suitcases could justify the investment.
  • It’s not just about surviving the bin but thriving in it; the aluminium casing and sophisticated design are hallmarks of status and style.

So, is it worth it? If frequent travel, durability, and a timeless aesthetic are high on your list, Rimowa’s Carry-On makes a compelling case for itself, possibly turning the sting of the initial price into a long-term pat on the back for a wise investment.

Comparison to Other Luggage Brands

When considering the Rimowa Carry-On, it must be stacked against its luxury luggage peers, notably Louis Vuitton and Muji. These brands represent the gold standard on the runway of high-end travel gear. But how does Rimowa hold up in comparison? Well, in terms of design, the Rimowa echoes a chic industrial look, a nod to its historic roots, while Louis Vuitton flaunts its iconic monogram canvas, and Muji opts for minimalist aesthetics. As for durability, Rimowa’s German engineering shines, ensuring that each suitcase can withstand the rough and tumble of trains and planes, outpacing many rivals.

Price-wise, the Rimowa sits comfortably between the opulence of Louis Vuitton and the more wallet-friendly Muji. However, Rimowa’s focus on form meets function with features like ball-bearing wheels, and a robust telescopic handle may justify the cost differential. When discussing advantages, Rimowa’s options in colours and the inclusion of a dust bag for protection are small but significant details that cater to discerning travelers. Ultimately, the choice between these brands may be personal preference, but Rimowa’s blend of style and substance makes it a strong contender in luxury luggage.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

After sifting through the gleaming facets of the Rimowa Carry-On’s features, durability, and the sage testimony of a seasoned traveller like Nick, it’s time to distil our findings into potent sips of wisdom. When it comes to forking out a hefty $1400 for this paragon of travel sophistication, your decision hinges on an intricate balance between quality and cost. Yes, the German engineering and the storied design heritage of the luggage piece are undeniable, and they certainly do add a layer of security against the common traveller’s fear of mid-journey suitcase casualties.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to weigh the Rimowa against its ritzy counterparts. While Louis Vuitton might whisper the language of luxury, Rimowa speaks volumes about durability and practicality. The additional costs of warranties and repairs are not mere asterisks to the price tag but investments in the luggage’s tenure.

With all things considered, our verdict leans towards a positive recommendation. If your travels are frequent and your expectations high, the Rimowa Carry-On might just be the trustworthy travel companion you’re after. However, before placing your order, contemplate your travel habits, the importance of a timeless style, and the weight of a long-term guarantee. We invite our fellow jet-setters to share their opinions and stories, joining us in the vibrant tapestry of travel narratives. Your insights could be the guiding star for future wayfarers pondering their next luggage leap.


In the realm of travel, the quality of your luggage can be as pivotal as the destination itself. Our journey through the features and legacy of the Rimowa Carry-On underscores the adage that you often get what you pay for. From the robust aluminium exterior to the lifetime guarantee, this suitcase is not just a travel tool but a statement piece.

Our aim has been to dissect the Rimowa Carry-On’s worth, peeling back the layers of its storied heritage and evaluating its performance in the modern traveller’s gauntlet. We’ve navigated through its strengths, from the durability and design to the occasional turbulence of weight considerations and handle ergonomics.

We invite you, the discerning traveller, to weigh in. Do you believe in investing in luggage that carries more than just your belongings but also a piece of history? Share your thoughts and experiences, and let’s continue to unpack the essence of luxury travel together.

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