Is Rimowa’s $1400 Carry-On Worth the Investment? A Comprehensive Review and Analysis of the Luxury Luggage Brand.


Embarking on a voyage with the elite, Rimowa stands as a bastion of luxury in travel. This German powerhouse, now under the opulent umbrella of the LVMH Group, has evolved from crafting traditional luggage to becoming a symbol of sophistication and durability. In this article, we endeavor to unpack a comprehensive review and analysis of Rimowa’s carry-on luggage, scrutinizing its durability, functionality, and price point. As we navigate through the grooved aluminum exteriors and the smooth-rolling wheels, we’ll dissect whether these suitcases justify their investment. By delving into the intricacies of Rimowa’s design and the brand’s promise of longevity, we aim to offer a balanced perspective to discerning travelers contemplating a foray into this echelon of luggage luxury.

Nick’s Nine-Year Experience with Rimowa Luggage

Nick’s nine-month journey with Rimowa luggage provides a real-world glimpse into the life of a frequent traveler’s interactions with the brand. Initially, a promotion through Point Debit Card made the acquisition of two Rimowa bags a reality. Over time, he found that the aluminum carry-on offered a certain appeal with its briefcase-like snap closure, providing a deliberate packing process and a sense of security.

However, Nick’s experience highlighted some concerns with durability and functionality. The polycarbonate checked luggage lacked rigidity, causing apprehension when packing delicate items. Despite Rimowa’s reputation, features like a wheel-locking mechanism—which Nick found indispensable on his Muji bags during travel—were notably absent. This led to challenges in managing luggage on trains and in transit, making the Rimowa pieces less practical for his family’s travel needs.

Ultimately, while the Rimowa carry-on may remain in use for its specific advantages, the checked bag’s drawbacks led to reconsidering its value, especially when considering the high price point associated with the brand. Thus, Nick’s encounters with Rimowa have been mixed, appreciating certain design elements while facing practical limitations in real-world use.


Latest 2023 Rimowa Carry-On Model

In the ever-evolving world of luxury travel gear, the latest 2023 Rimowa carry-on model is a paragon of style and functionality. This year’s iteration maintains the brand’s iconic design while introducing subtle enhancements to its structural integrity and user experience. Notably, Rimowa has refined the wheel system for an even more seamless glide, ensuring that travelers can navigate airports with the grace of a swan on a glassy lake. The dimensions remain cabin-friendly, yet the suitcase now boasts a more robust construction, addressing the durability concerns expressed by some users in the past.

Despite these improvements, the $1,400 price tag might still raise eyebrows. However, Rimowa justifies this with a lifetime warranty and the brand’s storied lineage of quality and innovation. The investment in a Rimowa isn’t merely for a piece of luggage; it’s an acquisition of a century-old legacy of craftsmanship and a symbol of one’s commitment to travel in luxury and style.

Extreme Price Hike of Rimowa Luggage

The luxury luggage market has been buzzing with conversations about Rimowa’s significant price hike. This move has left many consumers grappling with the brand’s escalated costs, which have soared to where a single carry-on can command a price tag of approximately $1400. The impact on consumer perception is palpable, as they balance prestige and practicality. Whether this increase is warranted is complex, hinging on factors such as the brand’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and the cachet that comes with owning a piece of high-end luggage.

While some loyalists defend the hike as a reflection of the brand’s innovation and durability, skeptics argue that the steep prices are becoming prohibitive, potentially alienating a market segment. It remains to be seen whether Rimowa’s strategy will reinforce its status as a luxury icon or be perceived as an excessive overreach in pricing, particularly in a competitive market where quality alternatives are available at a fraction of the cost.

Comparison with Other Luggage Brands

When juxtaposing Rimowa with its contemporaries in the luxury luggage arena, one finds that the brand’s aluminum suitcases, such as the Rimowa Classic Cabin S, stand out with celebrity endorsements and signature grooved design, a nod to aviation history. With a price range starting at $1,400, Rimowa’s offerings are not only steeped in heritage but also a commitment to quality, clear in their lifetime guarantee and robust construction.

However, the quest for high-end travel companions at a more palatable price point leads to options like Away’s The Aluminum collection. Away Travel has carved a niche by providing aluminum alternatives with modern amenities, such as a removable battery for charging devices. These features come with a softer blow to the wallet, suggesting that while Rimowa leads with legacy, competitors like Away offer innovation at a more accessible price.

Quality and features across these brands are comparable; aluminum build for durability, TSA-approved locks for security, and various sizes for convenience. Yet, the distinction lies in the balance of tradition versus contemporary needs and the willingness to invest in a brand’s prestige or utilitarian approach.

Customer Service and Warranty

Rimowa’s customer service framework offers a seamless experience for travelers seeking assistance with their luxury luggage. With a dedicated customer service team available Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 8 PM, customers can reach out for support at 1 (800) 555 0199 or through the brand’s Contact Us page. The company’s commitment to quality is underscored by its individual inspection of each suitcase and a robust network of experts ready to repair any functional damage before a client’s departure.

One of the standout features that may justify its premium price is Rimowa’s lifetime guarantee, which speaks to the confidence in the longevity and performance of its products. This guarantee ensures customers can invest in a Rimowa carry-on with peace of mind, knowing that the company stands behind the durability of its luggage.

Online testimonies often reflect satisfaction with Rimowa’s after-sales support, with many customers highlighting the efficiency and helpfulness of the service team. Whether it’s for a product return or a simple query about luggage features, the brand appears to maintain a standard of excellence in customer care, contributing to its reputation as a top-tier luggage manufacturer.

Is Rimowa Luggage Worth the Investment?

When pondering whether the Rimowa carry-on justifies its hefty price tag, one must weigh its durability, functionality, and price. Rimowa’s reputation as a luxury luggage maker dates back to 1898, with its products boasting a blend of aesthetics and robust construction. The Original Cabin carry-on, a popular model, is a testament to their commitment to quality, offering a lifetime warranty and a promise of effortless post-purchase repairs.

However, weighing the brand’s cachet against practical considerations is crucial. While the luggage’s sleek design and celebrity endorsements suggest a status symbol, the absence of features like wheel-locking in more affordable brands like Muji could detract from its practicality for some travelers.

In conclusion, Rimowa’s luggage may be a solid choice for those who value legacy and prestige alongside a long-term investment. The decision ultimately hinges on individual preferences for luxury over additional, potentially more utilitarian features that could come at a lower cost.


Throughout our analysis, we’ve navigated the sleek contours of the Rimowa Original Cabin Carry-On, exploring its robust aluminum construction, rivet-reinforced corners, and ball-bearing mounted wheels. These features and a lifetime guarantee underscore a commitment to quality and durability that justifies its premium price tag. The luxury suitcase market is no stranger to high costs. Still, Rimowa distinguishes itself with a storied history and a network of care centers that promise ease in the unlikely event of necessary repairs.

While the $1,400 investment may induce a sharp intake of breath, the discerning traveler will weigh this against the potential long-term savings on replacements and repairs. The Rimowa carry-on isn’t merely a piece of luggage; it’s a statement of sophistication and a testament to the brand’s trustworthiness in luxury travel goods. As with any significant purchase, potential buyers should consider their travel habits and requirements before taking the plunge into high-end luggage.

Ultimately, the decision rests in your hands—whether the Rimowa carry-on will be a trusty travel companion or a wish-list item remains a choice. Assess your needs, travel frequency, and the value you place on luxury and longevity in travel gear. Should you decide to invest, you may find yourself a member of an elite cadre of travelers for whom the journey is as important as the destination.


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