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In this huge market of the luggage buying guide, it can seem pretty easy to pick just any luggage but also can be pretty tricky at the same time. All the marketing and advertisements will tell you that their luggage is the best one for you and you will make a big mistake if you do not buy their one.

All these traps will confuse you and influence you to splash your money on luggage that may not turn out to be the best and most practical one for you. So here is the ultimate guide for you to buy the best luggage without getting tricked into anything.

When you are buying the luggage for you, you need to make sure to get everything on point according to this discussion below-

The Material

The first thing you need to notice about luggage is the material. You need to look closely at the material of anything you are buying. Luggage is the main one as we are talking about luggage. The most common type of luggage materials is Hard shells and Soft-sided. A hardshell suitcase is the most common type of luggage that is usually seen. It is also considered the most durable material when it comes to luggage.

Hardshell luggage is generally made of molded polypropylene, polycarbonate, and ABS plastic. Some companies use aluminum as well in their luggage to make them stronger and more durable. It has this rigid exterior that is very attractive to look at. Being the most common and most strong type of luggage, these are what catch the eyes of travelers when they are buying luggage. These hard shell luggage are also waterproof although if there comes a situation where the luggage drowns or drenches, water may get into it through the zipper. The hard shell luggage is less flexible than the soft-sided ones and the strong shell makes sure the safety of your stuff inside of it.

As the outside of this luggage is hard and not easily pressured, the things that are inside are very much protected from any damage. Consequently, it is mostly famous for the protection of the things it provides. On the other hand, soft-sided luggage is quite flexible in comparison to the hard shell ones. These are usually made of Polyester or Nylon, or sometimes both of them. Backpacks come in both with or without the frames. They have pads in the back straps so that the material is not harsh on the back. Some backpacks even have wheels which are very useful if your shoulders are tired.


Wheels in the luggage are probably the most ignored part while buying luggage. Nobody counts the wheels before buying luggage. One probably just gives the luggage a little ride and decides to buy it. If the wheels ride smoothly, it makes them satisfied with their choice. But it is not just the smoothness of the wheels that matters. Versatility and ease of use matter a great deal too.

There are usually two wheels in a suitcase but sometimes there are four pieces of Luggage with two wheels that generally have wheels that are bigger in size than the four-wheelers. Two-wheelers generally go forward and backyard. But carrying luggage for a long time can cause your arms and wrists to hurt. So if you are prone to muscle aches, you need to keep that in mind. Luggage with two wheels is useful when you are dragging them on an uneven surface. But the main backlash of this luggage is that they need to be dragged from behind.

Thus, comes muscle pain. In the latest models of luggage, there are also spinners attached instead of wheels. Spinners are much easier to use and drag with you as they are not one way. It can be rotated around 360 degrees so that you do not have to bring it all the way back in and give it a whole other direction to go. You can drag them by our side, push them, or pull them, they can be worked anyhow. Turns out, luggage with spinners is much more practical and versatile. Wheels are not bad either if you are used to them.


While thinking about the net weight of your luggage, you need to take notice of the maximum weight limit your airline is allowing you to carry. Different airlines allow different numbers of weights to carry. Usually, the number is 40 kilograms per ticket when you are traveling outside the country. Once exceeded the number of limited weights, you need to pay extra for the extra stuff you have carried per kilogram.

An empty suitcase will not obviously take all the weight alone but you need to keep the luggage’s weight in mind with a rough assumption that all your stuff might weigh all together with the luggage. If your luggage itself is quite heavy, you will not be able to make many products with you otherwise the airline may cost you extra charges for exceeding the limit. You need to bear in mind that the lighter your luggage when empty, the more things you pack for your trip.

The best full-size suitcases generally weigh as little as 2.3kg(approximately) when empty, with bulkier options coming in at a hefty 6.2kg. And if you do not want to sacrifice your favorite but not so necessary stuff, go for cabin cases. Cabin cases are usually lighter than general luggage. Measure the net weight of your luggage and take notes. It may seem unimportant, but it is.


Handles need to be looked at carefully according to your comfort. As you are going to grip your hand over it and drag the whole weight, the handle needs to be comfortable and strong enough. Look for a sturdy handle that is comfortable and ergonomically designed. They are not supposed to break or lose the attachment because they are built-in.

You must test out the handle before you buy your luggage. Extend the handle to its fullest so that you can understand the maximum length it can pay off. Drag it around a few times to get an idea of the strength of the handle. Give it a little whip to see if it does not break easily. For the best idea, take the suitcase for a spin if possible.

On another note, your height and the length of your hands also matter while taking care of the handle (yes, weirdly). If you are quite tall and the handle is not long enough for you, it will keep jabbing your ankle every time you take a step forward and drag it with you which may cause a spot and pain in your ankle. Taking it for a test spin is necessary for this to test out whether the length of the handle is comparatively equivalent to the length of your hands and your height.

Some handles do not function once you have taken them out and brought them in several times. They get stuck in the locked position and do not come out when you pull them. And sometimes they are locked in from the outside so you can’t push them inside. So make sure your text properly before buying luggage because if the handle is not good enough, the purpose of buying luggage for your comfort is diminished.

How does it look inside?

As well as the outlook, the inside look of luggage is important too. Looks can be deceiving, so take a close look inside the luggage before buying the luggage. Make sure it is not stuffed inside to make it look bigger from the outside. There will be some necessary stuffing which will be there as a protective shield to keep your things safe from any damage. Count the number of pockets inside of it.

Check out whether the stuffing is too soft. If the stuffings are too soft or catch the surface easily, your products still have a good chance to face damage. Make sure it has enough space inside to carry all your stuff together. The lid also should have some space to carry some small products. Count the number of pockets so that you can arrange your stuff according to the sizes and quantity. There should be a minimum of one big compartment to fit all your clothes and other bigger things. There also should be some small pockets to carry your things which are smaller in size. Usually, the lid has a small pocket inside where it is quite useful to place important documents like passports and tickets. In this case, soft-sided luggage rather wins because as it is made of clothing materials, it has space and flexibility to make pockets and fit your stuff for the organization.


If you are in an airport, and your luggage is too big to drag around with you if it keeps logging into people and bumping into stuff if it does not even fit in a stroller, does it sound like a convenient suitcase to you? The answer should be, “Of course not!”. And if your luggage is too small to carry everything you need and things that you adore and cannot leave behind, then it also should not be counted as suitable luggage for you either.

There are size restrictions on most airlines. As a general rule, the carry-ons allowed in airlines are usually no more than 22*14*9 inches, and a checked bag is not 62 inches (including the sum of length, hide, and width in inches). So measure the luggage before buying it so that you do not get the red flag for your luggage and return it to your home, that would be quite a hassle, wouldn’t it? And as for the carry-ons, make sure you can hold them properly above your head. If you are unable to lift and hold it, you will not be allowed to take it as a carry-on.

Do check the maximum measurements of luggage to carry in the airline’s website before you go and check in. There should be different measurements for international and domestic flights so make sure you are going through the right pages. If you neglect these preparations, you have to deal with the consequences. Make sure to choose the right luggage for you, neither too big nor too small, just the right one.

Extra Features to Consider

Other than everything that we have discussed so far there still are some things that should be considered and taken care of. Once you have taken care of the wheels, weight, size, and handles, there are other things such as color, what extras it come with, and what extra features it has. After thinking about the interior, now you can think about the exterior of your suitcase whether it goes with our style or not.

Lots of compartments and pockets are great to organize our stuff and keep them in place so you can remember where you have kept what. A plastic waterproof pouch can look simple for a suitcase but it can be very convenient to hold your wet swimsuit or a leaking shampoo bottle. Think about the destination of your trip and what extras you might need for that.

Zippers are a very important feature of luggage. The bigger and sturdier they are, the stronger they are supposed to be and the longer they are about to last. If it is not strong enough, there is a big chance for the zipper to break at unexpected times.

Many suitcases feature an expandable panel. This feature helps these suitcases to expand their size up to a certain level more than it generally is. The expandability of the suitcases differs according to the models. Most of them can be unzipped for at least 10% extra packing space. Some of the top-scoring cabin cases and full-size suitcases in our roundups are expandable, and well worth considering if you can’t resist those last-minute gifts and souvenirs.


Considering the security of your luggage is very important. If your luggage does not have a proper lock in it, it will not be secured and your stuff has a good chance of getting lost or stolen.  Choose your bag which has TSA(Transport Security Administration) approved locks in it. Only the TSA has access to these locks so that the security panel can access your luggage if necessary. Some luggage has locks built-in while others do not have locks included in the whole package. In that case, locks can be bought separately.

Amazon’s Top suitcases

Samsonite Solyte DLX Softside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Mediterranean Blue, 2-Piece Set (20/25)

Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage


Why We Love It

Durable, sturdy, and reliable

10 Years limited warranty

24″ SPINNER LUGGAGE maximizes packing power

extremely scratch-resistant


Expandability allows you to pack more of your stuff

PUSH-BUTTON locking handles provide easy maneuverability

Fitted with a side-mounted TSA-approved combination lock

Withstood all our tough durability tests

Take Note

A little pricey

DELSEY Paris Chatelet Hard+ Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Champagne White, Checked-Large 28 Inch

digiluggage | DELSEY Paris


Why We Love It

It’s robust, scoring almost top marks for durability

Lightweight and durable


Four spinner wheels ensure a stable base

Recessed “one-button” locking handle system for great maneuverability

Very spacious

Comes with a built-in tracking device

Take Note

Some said they have some dents and scuffing in the corner

Some mentioned that the corner was missing

Rockland Melbourne Hardside Expandable Spinner Wheel Luggage, Champagne, 3-Piece Set (20/24/28)

Rockland Melbourne Hardside Expandable Spinner Wheel Luggage, Champagne, 3-Piece Set


Why We Love It

Withstood our durability tests

Three-piece set of hard-side suitcases

Several useful features and pockets

Includes 20 inches, 24 inches, 28 inch Upright

Sturdy ergonomic aluminum telescoping handle

Take Note

Lesser priced than many luggage

Some users had complained that they broke after 4-5 uses

Samsonite Solyte DLX Softside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Mediterranean Blue, 2-Piece Set (20/25)


Why We Love It

Chic and modern design

The USB PORT on 20-inch Spinner

FOUR MULTI-DIRECTIONAL double spinner wheels

BUILT-IN ORGANIZATION including WetPak pocket and zippered mesh pocket

Easy to maneuver along with a range of surfaces

Take Note

The zippers are a little delicate

Small packing space

Organizing a trip is not as easy as planning it. It comes with a lot of baggage. The better you can plan and organize your travel, the more smooth it is going to be. Choosing the perfect luggage to organize all your stuff is equally important as any other part of it. It may seem easy to choose luggage that looks good and buy it just by paying money.

But choosing is the hardest part if you consider all the facts related to the choice. You need to remember all the demerits that come with it if you do not choose your luggage buying guide wisely. With countless styles and designs, and prices to compare, choosing your suitcase can be a little overwhelming. This article is aimed to help you choose the perfect luggage for you. Hope it helps. Bon Voyage!

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