6 Best Victorinox Luggage of All Time [A Detailed Review]

Victorinox Luggage


The world is just recovering from a global pandemic; we all were stuck at home to maintain the lockdown in this crisis. Also, now we can know how a bird feels when they live in a cage. But, after the vaccine was out for covid, things have been different around us. We all can finally go out. Personally, it’s a breakthrough for me.

I was also thinking about going somewhere, at least far from home. Not just me; there are tons of other people who want to get out. Before that, I needed a suitcase to carry all of my stuff. That’s how I knew about Victorinox Luggage.

Victorinox Luggage

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Now, let’s move on to the main point.

Before I began, I needed to tell everyone that I put this Victorinox luggage on the list randomly as I had to purchase them with my own money.

Let’s begin.


Victorinox WT 6.0 Softside Spinner Luggage, Black, Expandable Carry-On, Frequent Flyer (22”)


Victorinox Connex Hardside Spinner Luggage, Black, Carry-On, Frequent FlyerView on Amazon


With an elegantly softish touch and pitch-black design that steals anyone’s attention, yeah, this is how I can remember the luggage. This is a carry-on suitcase, which means your bag can travel with you anywhere. Due to its compact size, one of my neighbours convinced me to give her this suitcase as a birthday gift. I’ll talk about this incident in conclusion.

Let’s begin with the material.

Type & Material

Let’s break it to you. If you think that a baggage’s quality could be judged by its material and type, you’re probably wrong.

Various factors can vary about a carry-on’s quality.

This carry-on is a soft-shell case. The exterior material is nylon; there are heavy-duty PVC corner guards for better durability in the back of the luggage.


External features:

I was wondering where I first heard of this brand, then remembered. This brand is famous for producing swiss army knives. And for a reminder, the brand also includes a multi-toolbox with a telescopic handle.

The box comes with a   USB port for charging, a sim ejector tool, a tag id, and a pen loop with a small notepad.

The suitcase features a lightweight 3-stage telescopic handle for easy rolling.

Double-sided four wheels give this luggage better mobility. The main compartment and outer sleeve have YKK self-healing durable zippers.

Now, let’s move on to the interior features.


Internal features:

After you effortlessly open up the main zipper, you’ll find a mesh sleeve in the lid and the main room to the bottom.

There is a compression belt with an x-shaped design that holds up your things in the luggage. The Interior on both sides has a zippered pocket.

Durability test:

We found this helpful after we re-attached the spikes in our material testing wheels.

For this review, we’ll be testing the material’s durability, sturdiness of wheels and telescopic handle, and strength of the zipper.

After gathering the whole team, we started tests.

After putting some lightweight things in the baggage, we simply threw it to the spinning spike’s wheels. The luggage was able to survive. After that, we attached it to the hook hanger with a fully opened handle and dropped it 7 times. Victorinox luggage

But with a slight bend in the handle, nothing much happened; the wheels were perfect.

  • Durable material.
  • Sturdy wheels.
  • Lightweight design.
  • The inner lining was average.
  • Overhyped product.


Victorinox Connex Hardside Spinner Luggage, Black, Carry-On, Frequent Flyer (22”)


Victorinox Connex Hardside Spinner Luggage

View on Amazon


Let’s face it together, we all love hard-side luggage, right? From my experience, most people consider buying hard-side luggage over a soft side.

That’s the reason why this luggage comes in second place in this article.


Type & Material:

Even I was confused when I first saw the luggage. The polished hardstyle would push you to think that the luggage is made of metal.

Polycarbonate was used to make this luggage. As you are figuring this out, this is a hard shell carry-on. This is one of the Most durable Victorinox luggage.

The matte finish on the exterior surface makes the luggage more attractive.

External features:

There are no extra compartments outside. All you’ll find is a lightweight telescopic handle, top and side carry handle, main zipper, and expanding zipper on the side.

This is why the luggage looks astonishing.

On the bottom side of the telescopic handle, you’ll find a tiny toolbox containing a sim ejector tool, an id tag, a pen, and a USB port for charging.

Also, it comes with the TSA lock, which can be opened by the TSA agent and the owner.


This is the best minimalistic design I have ever seen.

Internal features:

If we hop inside, there are 3 zippered sleeves with different linings.

The usual capacity of this suitcase is 33L, but when it expands, the size increases to 40L.

A compression belt covers up the whole room, and an X-shaped belt holds up everything that can be put inside.

Durability test:

Yeah, we’ve done this before.

We didn’t bother to put something in the luggage before throwing it in the spiked wheel. As we know, polycarbonate is a rigid material, so the result is the same as expected.

Nothing happened to the luggage, and the suitcase passed the test.

We put some weighted bricks in the luggage and attached them to the hook for the drop test.

There was a light crack after it came out from the test. So the luggage was good enough for usual travel but, it’s advised not to over drop this baggage. Victorinox luggage


  • Sturdy handle.
  • Perfect outer design.
  • Silence dual wheel.
  • The lining is strong enough.


  • Polycarbonate is a vital component, but I think they didn’t pay much attention to this case.
  • The inner zipper gets stuck after day-to-day use.



Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Hardside Spinner Suitcase, Red, Checked-Large (30”)


Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Hardside Spinner Suitcase, Red, Checked-Large

View on Amazon


Hey, did you notice? I already reviewed 2 baggage in this particular post, but both of them were carry-on. Then, what is the wrong thing that is done by the innocent bulky luggage from Victorinox luggage?

They haven’t done anything yet. And this is also a bulky suitcase, did you see the size? It’s 30 inches. At least, much more significant to me.

Type & Material:

I know; what are you thinking right now? It’s a common thing.

You’re thinking about how boring I am, right? Or what is the type of this baggage?

See? The name clearly tells us that this is a hard-side suitcase. Also, the company demands that this polycarbonate is 100 per cent virgin.

I swear. I don’t know what it means. Still, we can assume the Victorinox Luggage wants to announce that they haven’t used recycled polycarbonate as Coolife and Rockland does in their luggage.

External features:

have you ever wondered? How do they keep producing such beautiful products and still, people don’t want to buy them?

Some brands are highly hyped about their product and forget about customer service, but Victorinox isn’t one of them; I can vouch for them.

The exterior design is mesmerizing; I got this case in red colour, and let me tell you, this is the best colour for this kind of luggage.

No exterior pockets on the outside like soft shell luggage does. There are comfy handles, a 3 stage telescopic handle, and the main entry zipper on the outside.

This time, the brand provides a sentry-approved combination lock and a tiny toolbox by the telescopic handle.

Four double-sided silence wheels for easy mobility. Just what we can expect from Victorinox Luggage.

Internal features:

There is not much to mention inside, apart from a giant room with a long x-shaped compression belt to keep your things together.

The inside lid has a big zippered sleeve to keep essential documents and papers.

Durability test:

I don’t need or want to write a paragraph to tell how this luggage performed.

The luggage is, so far, the best. It was able to take every test we put it through.

The wheel was excellent.

The body of virgin polycarbonate was also excellent.

Self-healing YKK zippers were strong enough to hold a whole full-grown man inside them. Victorinox Luggage isn’t just a name, it’s a brand.


  • Massive space.
  • Sturdy aluminium telescopic handle.
  • Self-healing YKK zippers.
  • Durable material.
  • Matte-finished body.


  • The inner lining is average.
  • Not expandable.


Victorinox Lexicon 2.0 Softside Expandable Upright Luggage, Black, Carry-On-Global (22”)


Victorinox Lexicon 2.0 Softside Expandable Upright Luggage, Black, Carry-On-Global (22”)

View on Amazon


The luggage is another iconic product from the Victorinox luggage category.

This is actually an expandable carry-on. Over the year, there was a tremendous amount of hype for this luggage.

But as we know, the hype is meant to be faded.

It’s an ideal carry-on for short trips or an extended vacation for a bachelor person.

With 330$ bucks from an international brand, what can you expect more than that?

Before further wasting any time, let’s get started.

Type & Material:

We can be related to that, most people go with hard-shell luggage for looks.

Even our team members even do that. Does it mean they don’t love soft-shell carry-on?

They just informed me, that they do love soft-shell luggage after asking the same question again.

This luggage is a soft-shell suitcase.

And the primary material used in this carry-on is TourMax Ballistic Nylon.

Which is undoubtedly the strong nylon that is available at this price.

Let’s move on to the next point.


External features:

After a glance at this luggage, I decided to tell you that this is the most robust carry-on on this list.

Massive 80 mm dual wheels are just killing it!

The pitch-black bolt design with the sheld Victorinox reflective logo looks super impressive.

The 3-stop aluminum handle makes it much easier to move around. And leather-covered hauled handle makes it even easier to carry.

We recommend everyone; if you’re looking for a soft-shell carry-on, just buy this excellent luggage.

On the front side, there is a u-shaped massive pocket just dedicated to carrying your expensive devices.

Moreover, the bag is an expandable carry-on, where you can pack another pair of your changing.

After a brief detail of the external look of this suitcase, just move on to the internal parts.


Internal features:

Yeah, it sounds crazy, but in this luggage, you’re getting intelligent interior organizing advantages.

Every internal pocket, sleeve, and zipper are placed & designed very carefully so that a consumer does not have to face a problem while organizing.

Furthermore, the wet bag is really going to be handy if anyone goes to the countryside or the nature side, you know what I mean!


Here, we are at the ugliest part of the review; believe me, I know how heartbroken I was while the tests were being done.

But, the carry-on continued to surprise me by passing all these tests.

After success at the material test, I was a bit concerned. Does the next test is going to ruin this lovely carry-on?

No, it passed.

So there are no cons to write about, as this case passed without a single scratch. (hard to believe)


(there are lots of pros going to miss out, read carefully.)

  • Next-level durability.
  • Leather touch carrying handle.
  • Rugged 80 mm dual wheels.
  • Lightweight aluminum telescopic handle.
  • TSA-approved lock.
  • Interior wet bag. (very useful)
  • 17 inches massive laptop sleeve.


Victorinox Airox Hardside Case (Large, Orange)


Victorinox Airox Hardside Case (Large, Orange)

View on Amazon



If you’re not looking for a carry-on and thinking, ”ahh, my old luggage is so rusty, I need to buy a significant case for my entire family.”

Then yes, this is the reason I actually reviewing this particular large, hard-shell luggage.

As you might’ve known, I’m a bachelor person, so I don’t have to think about getting a large or extra-large case.

With the swiss engineered design, this is actually a great suitcase compared to other luggage. Few brands, such as Tumi has kept their product price so high that some of us even have to sell our kidney to buy those.

Let’s move on to the point.

Type & Material:

I already wrote the type; this is a hard-shell case.

Most people often go with hard-shell for the look. We talked about it, right?

And the material is 100 per cent break-resistant Bayer polycarbonate.

Sounds awfully tough in the beginning, but we are the gang of those people that challenges every luggage company.


External features:

Swiss designed!

Sounds cool, but in reality? Also cool.

I got this luggage in the orange variant; I have not noticed any other colour combination yet. But let me write it, my friend, this look is just going to give a royalty vibe.

The outer layer of polycarbonate is protected by a scratch-proof matte finish.

At first glance, you’ll notice a 3 step aluminium handle, a sentry-approved lock, and a top and side handle. And Hinomoto dual-caster 60 mm large wheels for 360-degrees easy mobility.

We simply write down everything that we noticed at first glance. If you’re buying this, then comment down below on what we forget to mention.

Internal features:

This luggage features a butterfly design for quick organizing, which will help a lot while packing for a couple or a family.

Both sides are mesh-protected.

Also, the Y-shaped compression belt makes it more accessible to keep folded clothing in place. victorinox luggage.

Durability test:

Every move has its own consequences, my old man used to say to me. Don’t what is awaiting us in this dark future.

But after bracing myself, I threw the case in our spiked wheel to see its strength.

Nothing happened to the case except a bit of scratch, and it was a successful test.

We opened the telescopic handle at the entire length, put some weight to replicate the load, and started to drop it repeatedly. After noticing a slight bend of the telescopic handle, the drop test was finally over.

The baggage was durable enough. With this kind of torture, any luggage of this size could be destroyed, but it didn’t.


  • Durable hard material.
  • Reinforced wheels.
  • Huge space.
  • Interior butterfly design.
  • Stunning look.


  • The telescopic handle is hard to grab.
  • YKK zippers have not been used in whole baggage; only the main zippers are YKK.


Victorinox Lexicon Hardside Expandable Spinner Luggage, Black, Checked-Large (28”)

Victorinox Lexicon Hardside Expandable Spinner Luggage, Black, Checked-Large (28”)

View on Amazon


Didn’t we already review lexicon soft-shell?


Now I can remember, it was a lexicon 2.0 soft-shell carry-on. That luggage already achieved the “THE LUGGAGE WITHOUT CONS” title, wasn’t it?

However, it was soft-shell luggage; this is a hard-shell. As a debated fact, most people prefer hard-shell.

And that’s the reason for the re-entry of the lexicon in this review again.

Without wasting time, let’s start.

Type & Material:

I was a bit surprised after a thorough inspection of this baggage. Also, somehow I was a bit confused.

This luggage is nearly similar to the version we already covered, except for the type and material. This is hard-side luggage, as I mentioned in the upper.

And constructed with 100 per cent break-resistant pure Bayer polycarbonate with a scratch-proof matte finish.

External features:

Apart from features, I got this in black colour. And it was a stunning carry-on, which kept me vibing; I might be a Royal family member.

Bold and seamless colour can easily manipulate to think; this is a metal case; we nearly presumed it after those tests.

There are hauled retractable carry handle on the top and side to easily carry the suitcase.

For extra security, the brand also provides a TSA lock. (every luggage nowadays does.) The telescopic handle of this carry-on looks super shiny. Even my eyes got sunburned after seeing a reflection through the handle while unboxing in the yard.

60 mm dual caster wheels give this luggage the feather touch momentum.

Internal feature:

You’re probably thinking, why would I ever take the damn time for writing these interior features? Whereas you know what is inside already.


That’s where I’m breaking it to you. Due to its compact durability, the luggage features multiple interior zipper pockets to keep the essentials hidden.

After unzipping the smooth YKK self-healing zipper, you’ll find butterfly patterned two compartments. Massive stretchable compression belt to hold the folded clothing in place.

Durability test:

The carry-on passed all the difficulties that had been done with it. A remarkable fact is, it withstands the same force as the other soft-shell version of this carry-on.

After the spiked wheel test, we nearly believed that the luggage had been destroyed, but it came out without a scratch.

The Telescopic handle of this luggage is pretty durable as it shines. There were no scratches on the surface of this aluminium metal.


  • Stunning design, Metallic scratch-proof matte finish.
  • Compact size.
  • YKK self-healing zipper.
  • TSA-approved lock.


  • The wet bag was of average quality.




  • Is Victorinox a good luggage brand?
  • Undoubtedly, Victorinox luggage is one of the best luggage brands that dominate the market.
  • Is the Swiss Army good luggage?
  • Unfortunately, they quite fall behind Samsonite, but they are much better than American Tourister in the pricing.
  • Is Victorinox and swiss gear the same?
  • Since the year 2005, these two brands are the same.
  • Are Victorinox bags waterproof?
  • In that case, not every Victorinox bag is waterproof, but some of them are.
  • Is Victorinox Luggage worth the money?
  • Absolutely, every penny for this brand is worth it; they provide quality luggage.
  • Is swiss gear or Samsonite better?
  • For the price and space, swiss gear is much better than American Tourister. But for stability, Samsonite is far better.


The conclusion:

Here we are, at the very end of this article.

In this post, I included 6 luggage from the brand named Victorinox. But, before finishing the conclusion, I promised to tell you about the incident with my neighbour.

Yeah, she came to my home as fast as she noticed that I was unboxing. She often used to tell me how much she loved soft-shell luggage.

So, she came to convince me to give it to her as a birthday gift. But I always have a soft spot for her; that’s why I didn’t bother to reply.

3 days later, it was her birthday, and that’s when I re-wrapped the whole suitcase and sent it with a gift card to her doorstep.

It was a short incident that I thought I should include in this article to understand how deeply a human is attached to a piece of simple luggage.

Hope you got the info that you came for.

Thank you for reading.

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